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What is SEO Web Hosting and it's Impact on SEO

A Web host which contributes towards improving seo of your website is known SEO web hosting. 


How Does Your Web Host Affect SEO of Your Website?

Server Uptime

Google loves a website which is up and accessible all the time. Downtime not only affects a website’s overall performance but it also brings down its SERP and SEO.

Therefore choose a web host which provides good server uptime making sure your website never goes down.

Page Load Time

The second factor of SEO web hosting is loading time. The page load time is another key factor of SEO rankings. Google gives high weight on the website which is faster, therefore if a web host provides the fastest web hosting that result in fast loading time gives a contribution towards SEO of your website.

Say No To Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting service is the cheap web hosting type available which provides shared resources, shared IP that leads to downtime of a website, hacking issues etc. Google doesn’t prefer websites that are hosted on a shared server as it is against the principles of SEO.

Why shared hosting is not best for SEO?

- Slower page load time
- Single IP shared b/w, multiple users
- No protection over spamming, malware, etc

Dedicated IP

Shared web hosting with Dedicated IP, SSL certificate works well for SEO. Having Dedicated IP results in faster loading time and SSL is required for a dedicated IP which again results in the securing of websites. Therefore choose a web host which these features included.


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